Fatigue Management

Fatigue is the feeling of extreme tiredness or exhaustion all or most of the time. It can feel overwhelming and unrelenting and it is often not improved by rest. For some people, the symptoms are very mild and do not interfere much with daily life. For others it can be very disruptive.

If you experience one or more of the following symptoms, you will benefit from attending this course.

  • General tiredness and a feeling of having no energy
  • Even the smallest chore feels like an enormous challenge
  • Difficulty remembering or making decisions
  • Irritability with family and friends
  • Problems with sleep

About the programme

This programme explores ways you can conserve energy as this is known to be a major concern for patients with life limiting illnesses, regardless of diagnosis. We will help you identify realistic, meaningful goals and find ways to achieve them.

The sessions last 1½ hours and will consist of education, physical activity and a relaxation section.

Programme outline

  • What could be causing my fatigue?
  • What techniques may help?
  • How can I cope with my fatigue?
  • What can I do to help?
  • Aids and adaptations for energy management 

Want to know more?

Please talk to your GP or health professional and if they agree this programme could benefit you then please ask them to make a referral to our team.

Download programme outline