Personal stories


“The Hospice was such a blessing as my Dad didn’t accept Mum’s illness and my younger brothers both lived away in Manchester. The Hospice staff took all my fears and worries off my shoulders which meant I could just be there for her knowing she felt safe and we could enjoy our final weeks together.”

Claire's story


"Seeing some of Mum's ways and approach to enjoying the simple things in life filter down to her grandchildren is a joy"

Steve's story


"My Nan was a very happy person, very cheerful and we always looked forward to spending time with her because we used to laugh with her a lot. Those memories have come back at different points throughout my life and it’s nice that they will last forever.”

Tommy's story


"My favourite memories of my Mum and Dad are from spending time doing the simplest things but doing them together"

James's story


I think Jim would be really proud that he’s done something that we can all look back on and that other people will be able to use to share their special memories

Jim's story


John O'Meara was diagnosed with cancer of the lung and sternum and underwent both chemotherapy and radiotherapy to treat his condition

John's story


I have to give thanks to Gretta, all the staff, volunteers and the other patients in the Day Hospice for helping me feel the best I’ve felt for 18 months

Ingrid's story

We couldn't do it without you