How we are funded

Why do we need people to organise events, take on a skydive, abseil down the Northampton Lift Tower or volunteer for us?

The simple answer is we would not be able to provide and continue to grow our services and teams without the support and generosity of our local community.

This year we need to raise £1,492,880 . That's £4,090 per day to continue all the services that Cynthia Spencer Hospice currently provides in Northampton and across Northamptonshire and continue to improve.

The care provided is jointly funded by the Charity and by the NHS through the local Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs). The two CCGs are Nene and Corby and End of Life Care funding for both CCGs is managed by Nene CCG.

There are two Hospice Charities funding these services - Cynthia Spencer Hospice Charity  in the south of Northamptonshire and Cransley Hospice Trust in the north of the county. The two charities work in partnership with the CCGs to describe (commission) the services that are needed and to jointly fund them.


The two charities have committed themselves to increasing the amount they raise each year so that more people can be helped by the service and that the service can be improved. Our focus for improvement at the moment is to expand care in the community (Hospice at Home).

Cynthia Spencer Hospice Charity raises money through a range of methods and these can be seen here. We are dependent upon the generosity of our many supporters and can only continue to support the care given because people carry on donating.

I saw the care my friend's Mum received at the Hospice and the lovely way she was looked after and I just wanted to help. That was six years ago and I still love being a volunteer! I’ve met so many great people, helped raise lots of money and most of all had loads of fun!



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