Trevor has left a gift in his Will for the hospice as he wants to make sure that the community care his wife Ros received can continue for future generations.

Trevor said: “My wife Ros had always been incredibly healthy, but when I first knew she discovered a lump in her breast which she was advised was granular and nothing to worry about. 38 years later she began suffering from severe pain and was referred to hospital where she was diagnosed with advanced cancer. After receiving initial treatment she suddenly became much worse and the Macmillan nurse at the hospital referred her to Cynthia Spencer. A nurse called Lisa, one of the Palliative Care Nurse Specialists in the community team, then came into our lives and was a revelation! Lisa cared for Ros at home from March 2016 until January 2017 with regular phone calls and home visits.”



“Ros had always been my hero, never more so than now. Lisa had many long conversations with her on the phone and the home visits were a tonic for us both. Lisa was so calm, reassuring, tactful, good fun, everything that you would want her to be and she always checked how I was doing too. Ros and myself both felt so much better after her visits. To make us both feel happier was miraculous. What wonderful care it was!”

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“Perhaps, I knew for a long time that a gift in my Will would be the way that I could say thank you to the hospice from both of us as they supported us both so much. I became focused after Ros died and quickly sorted my Will out. She didn't know I would be doing this, but I know she would want to say thank you as well.

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“I sincerely hope that my Gift in my Will, will continue to allow the Hospice to provide the care and support given to Ros and me. To anyone thinking of doing the same, you can rest assured that if you or family need Cynthia Spencer Hospice at such a traumatic time in your lives, the support and care you receive will be second to none.”

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