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Our former Community Fundraiser, Tommy wanted to share the story of his Nan, Irene, who he will be remembering this Christmas.

Tommy was only 12 years old in 2004 when his Nan passed away at the Hospice but together with his family he still comes and visits the chapel every year on the anniversary of when she passed away.

Tommy said: “When we get to times like  Christmas her memory always stays alive. I have some very good, strong memories of her and as we’re approaching the winter and the festive time of year it brings lots of family memories like my sister and I having sleepovers at her house. My Nan was a very happy person, very cheerful and we always looked forward to spending time with her because we used to laugh with her a lot. Those memories have come back at different points throughout my life and it’s nice that they will last forever.”

“They’re all happy memories. Even the memories from when she was at the Hospice are good. I remember the love and affection she was shown by the staff which have stayed with us all.  Coming up to the Hospice chapel every year to spend time together and remember her, light a candle for her and write messages in the memory book is really special as it helps us all to keep her memory alive.”

Visiting the Hospice regularly had a real impact on Tommy as he explains: “The visits I made as a child with my family have stayed with me and as I’ve got older the memories of the amazing care that we experienced first-hand have become more important to me. It’s driven me to want to give something back, which started with the fundraising activities and volunteering that I’ve done in the past four or five years and lead on to my role at the Hospice as Community Fundraiser. My role sees me going into schools and working with the community on different fundraising projects and I can speak to people with real experience about the Hospice not being a scary or sad place but a place full of smiles, happiness and warmth.”

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