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The person Steve will be remembering this festive season is his Mum, Patricia, or Pat as she was known who was cared for as a patient at the Hospice. She received care from the hospice team as an inpatient on a few short stay occasions during 2006 and also spent her last few weeks in the hospice prior to her passing in November 2006. She also had "home care" on occasions during that year.


 “I have lots of happy family memories from when we were young, most of them from around Christmas. This was in the 1970s and a really strong memory was Boxing Day when me and my brother and Mum and Dad would all go round to St James Working Men’s Club, or Jimmy’s Club as it’s known. Mum would make turkey sandwiches and we’d have leftovers from Christmas Day and we’d all gather there at 12 o’clock as there would be an act on to entertain everyone. Me and my brother would bring our toys, mine were always football related and his were scientific like chemistry sets. It sounds simple and it was! But it was just a nice and friendly atmosphere where we could just enjoy each other’s company.”

Steve also recalled lots of strong family memories as he grew up and became a parent himself and tried to instill an appreciation for the simple things in life in his children that his Mum had given to him.

“I think one of the best things that I remember when my children were young was we tended to do the same kind of things that I did when I was young with my parents and include my Mum and Dad as well. It might sound a little old fashioned and traditional but we’d do the simple stuff like walks round Abington Park, taking photos, feeding bread to the ducks, kicking leaves, eating ice-creams in the middle of Winter! The kids really seemed to enjoy these simple things and doing them with their Nan. Not having Mum still here to do these things with is something that I miss but I’m happy to have such strong memories of spending time as a family to look back on.”

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