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The people that James will never forget are his Mum, Sandra and his Dad, Barry. Barry spent his last few weeks in the Hospice as a patient in 2008.

James shared many of his family memories with us and remembered fondly his childhood excitement as Christmas approached.

"Some of my fondest memories of Christmastime is the buildup to Christmas. I'd go out shopping with my Mum and we'd choose presents for the family while my Dad was at work and finding it hard not to spoil the surprise of what presents we might have got for people!"

Other strong memories James has of the festive time of year revolve around working together as a family in his Dad's butchers shop: "As you can imagine, it was a busy time of year so it needed all hands on deck. My cousins, uncles, aunties and my sister would all go into the shop and help prepare the turkeys. It was very exciting because for me that was that was such a big part of the lead up. We'd be at the shop on Christmas Eve serving people their turkeys and seeing them go away all excited. It was a very joyous time and very special to be part of something like that, everyone coming together, having fun and working hard together. It's something I really miss these days as on Christmas eve now I'm in my day job and it doesn't have the same buzz unfortunately!"

New Year's Eve also holds strong memories for James as it was a time that the family spent together, having a simple celebration: "We wouldn't go out partying which might sound boring to some but for us it was all about the family spending time together. We'd go and get a takeaway, watch Jools Holland's Hootenanny and the fireworks on the TV. It's a really nice memory that I like to look back on.

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