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Cynthia Spencer Hospice urges community to support its 45th birthday fundraising campaign

Cynthia Spencer Hospice is celebrating 45 years of providing care and support to patients and their families throughout Northamptonshire. The hospice’s actual birthday falls in May, but the organisation is planning on celebrating throughout 2021.

Sarah Knaggs, matron of the hospice’s inpatient unit said: “It makes me immensely proud to lead our current inpatient unit nursing team and reflect back on 45 years of Cynthia Spencer care. The teams that came before us have paved the way for how we deliver our care now. Each patient is treated with a holistic, individualised approach and our care envelopes their families too, so they feel supported.”

“We’re hugely grateful to everyone in our community who supports the hospice with donations, volunteering and fundraising, particularly during these difficult times. You all make such a huge difference and we couldn’t provide the care we do without your help. But we need your ongoing support in order to ensure that our hospice can still here in another 45 years,” Sarah continued.

The hospice is encouraging as many people as possible to raise money for the hospice this year, not only to help make up for fundraising lost through cancelled events and closed shops, but to celebrate the hospice and its role in the community.  From skydives and abseils, tea parties and cake sales through to treks, runs and cycle rides there are many ways to show the hospice your support. More information on all of the hospice’s 45th birthday fundraising activities can be found at

Patron of the hospice, Lord Spencer also shared his thoughts on this momentous milestone for the organisation named after his grandmother: “45 years is certainly an anniversary to be celebrated and I congratulate everyone who has worked, and still works, at Cynthia Spencer.  I think it must be a wonderful team to be part of as they must feel, every day, the value of their work.

 Lord Spencer

“I’ve heard many times from people that they as family have had so much understanding and support from the hospice at the most difficult of times.  I think it’s important for people to realise how vital their work is. It really does mean an enormous amount to people when they are at their most vulnerable.”

The hospice’s services include an inpatient unit delivering end of life care, symptom management and respite care. Through its Hospice at Home and Clinical Nurse Specialist teams Cynthia Spencer also care for patients who wish to remain in their own homes. In addition, Cynthia Spencer gives support to patients at the beginning of a terminal diagnosis through its Wellbeing at Cynthia Spencer service. This service helps patients, their families and carers manage their symptoms and provides specific guidance for things like fatigue management and gentle exercise so patients can remain as active as possible.