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Cyclist Peter Hopes 300 Mile Ride Will Inspire Others

Keen cyclist Peter Garrard recently undertook the London 2 Paris cycle ride to raise money for the Hospice where his Dad received care.

"I wanted to do something for Cynthia Spencer Hospice that would be an enormous personal challenge so I have signed up to ride some 300 miles. It is my way of saying thank you to all the doctors, nurses, care staff in fact everyone at the hospice. I have to say they were truly amazing in the way they looked after my dad, family and friends.They made my dad's last days with us as comfortable as they could possibly be, and supported us in the fact that we never gave up hope."

Peter continued: "I had an absolute blast! What an epic ride. I hooked up with a great bunch of people and made it to Paris with a smile on my face. Cycled through some stunning scenery and right through rural France.

"I mentioned the reasons why I was cycling London-Paris at every opportunity, and accompanied my story with praise for the fantastic care that is provided by the dedicated team at Cynthia Spencer. I had some more donations come in to my Justgiving page whilst I was on route, I also have had some more cash donations which I will bring to the Hospice in person."

"If it inspires just one person to get off the sofa and raise some money for the hospice that’s a good day's work in my book."

"I had a blast, raised some money, saw plenty of the French countryside & talked about my dad, but the real winner is the Hospice so keep doing what you do you lovely people."

Thank you Peter. We're sure your amazing story will get others jumping into the saddle!