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Welcome to Wellbeing at Cynthia Spencer, a service which aims to help people with a life-limiting illness to live their life as fully as possible, maintain their physical function and maintain independence for as long as possible. 

How can I access Wellbeing at Cynthia Spencer?

Wellbeing at Cynthia Spencer is available for patients with a life limiting illness over the age of 18. To access the service, you will need a referral from your health care practitioner. This can be your GP, nurse, social worker, or allied health professional. At this point we sadly cannot take direct referrals from patients, families or friends.

Our aim is to enable patients and their families to maintain their quality of life, emotional and mental health, physical function and independence for as long as possible.

Our service is available to anyone over the age of 18 currently facing a life-limiting illness. This can include advanced cancer, rapidly progressive neurological conditions such as Motor Neurone Disease, and advanced respiratory and cardiovascular disease.

Our service offers a variety of programmes focusing on elements of palliative rehabilitation such as education and self-management of symptoms such as breathlessness, fatigue and anxiety, exercises and physiotherapy. We also offer social and peer support with emotional distress and low mood.

Please download the brochure below to find out more about our service.

Download our Wellbeing service brochure

Programmes we offer

Wellbeing at Cynthia Spencer runs a range of programmes focusing on education and self-management techniques that could help you to reduce the impact of symptoms you experience in your day to day life as well as giving you information to enable you to manage your care.

Group sessions enable you to have the opportunity to meet with others who may have similar experiences and gain support from each other as well as from the staff team. One to one’s are available if that is preferred or we can support with online sessions using Microsoft Teams.

Our service is lead by therapists as we believe this provides patients with the best opportunity to identify their own goals and wishes for their care with the support of staff.  Our aim is to jointly work together to create a plan of how to achieve these goals. This may be attending group sessions we run, individual sessions or referral on to other services.

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The benefits of attending one of our sessions are:

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Frequently asked questions

How to be referred Open/Close

Wellbeing at Cynthia Spencer is available for patients with a life limiting illness over the age of 18. To access the service, you will need a referral from your health care practitioner. This can be your GP, nurse, social worker, or allied health professional. At this point sadly we cannot take direct referrals from patients, families or friends.

What happens when I have been referred? Open/Close

You will be contacted by phone by a member of our Wellbeing at Cynthia Spencer team who will arrange an initial appointment or group with you. The phone call will take approximately 15 minutes and allows our team to match the services we provide to your specific needs. Sometimes we will post out a letter to invite you for an individual appointment to discuss your needs.

How long are the sessions and how many will I attend? Open/Close

Our sessions are between 1 and 3 hours and depending on our specific programme of care, you will be offered between 5 and 12 sessions. At the end of your programme we will review your progress and assess if you require further sessions or alternative support.

What should I do if I can’t attend a session or my condition changes? Open/Close

It is very important that you notify the team between sessions if you have been feeling poorly, have had a change in medication or have required a hospital stay to ensure that we explore with you how to manage your changing needs. You can contact us on 03000 271256.


Do I need to pay for the sessions? Open/Close

All of the Wellbeing at Cynthia Spencer services and sessions are free. They are provided by the NHS and funded by Cynthia Spencer Hospice Charity.

Cynthia Spencer Hospice Charity are proud to be working with Northamptonshire Healthcare Foundation Trust to provide the funding for the services offered by Wellbeing at CynthiaSpencer to patients and families with life limiting illnesses.

Cynthia Spencer Hospice Charity is committed to continuing to improve CARE, SUPPORT and CHOICE provided to patients with life limiting illnesses and their families in Northamptonshire.

We are working with NHFT to expand and improve Wellbeing at CynthiaSpencer services with the hope that in the future this service will be the gateway to ensuring that all patients with life limiting illnesses have an Advance Care Plan in place which enables them to live the life they have to the full.

Where is Wellbeing at Cynthia Spencer? Open/Close

The Wellbeing Centre 
Cynthia Spencer Hospice
Manfield Health Campus
Kettering Road

Telephone 03000 271256


Opening times Open/Close

Monday to Friday, 10am until 4pm

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I just think the atmosphere and the way everybody treats you is marvellous. It’s been so helpful. You’re not expected to take everything in, it’s what suits you and helps you and there’s no pressure on you. Coming here has been such a benefit to me. Initially I came to attend the breathlessness course and they’ve given me techniques to help me with that. When I came for the fatigue management I didn’t think that would be very helpful as I thought ‘how can you manage that?’ but in actual fact it was really helpful. They’re not at all scary, they’ve absolutely lovely. They’re so patient with us. It’s super


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Why we need your support

At this point you may be wondering why Cynthia Spencer Hospice charity needs your support? The simple answer is we would not be able to provide and continue to grow our services and clinical teams without the support and generosity of our local community. We need to raise £3,000 per day just to continue to provide the current services.

If you, your family or your friends have been touched by Cynthia Spencer Hospice and would like to help fund the hospice for future generations please contact our Fundraising Team at fundraising@cynthiaspencer.co.uk, call 01604 973340 or visit our fundraising pages.

Finally, a massive THANK YOU to all our supporters! Without your support Cynthia Spencer Hospice Charity would not be able to fund the vital services provided by Wellbeing at Cynthia Spencer

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