Staying with us

The inpatient ward at Cynthia Spencer Hospice has 16 beds and is supported by a team of Nurses, Doctors and other Health Care Professionals who are experts in palliative care – caring for someone who is no longer able to have a treatment to cure them.

At Cynthia Spencer Hospice we specialise in helping you and your loved ones to get on top of difficult symptoms, deal with any physical pain and reduce emotional distress.

The care I received has been wonderful from all the members of staff. They are kind and thoughtful in all things. I feel very humble and very happy to have been treated with such care and respect.

Such needs can occur at various stages of an illness, and a short-stay admission in the hospice can often help, enabling you to go home with an improved quality of life.

Our inpatient unit also offers expert care and support for you at the end of life as well as support for your family and friends.

The team of Doctors, Nurses and other Hospice staff promote dignity and individual choice and strive to improve your care experience.


Nicole was grateful to the nurses and doctors at the hospice for giving her time to start her recovery. Since returning home she is feeling much more comfortable and is still getting support from the hospice

Nicole's story

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