Staying at home

In your Home 

We understand that not all patients wish to come into the Hospice to be cared for.

Our aim is to help patients who choose to remain at home, in their own surroundings, during their illness to achieve this. We maintain the same ethos of care as delivered in Cynthia Spencer Hospice: to maintain dignity, assist in controlling symptoms and enable patients to make decisions about their care.

in the home

The team work in partnership with General Practitioners, District Nurses and other health and social services, although the patient's own GP and District Nurse remain responsible for the overall care at all times. All care is planned with patients and their family, working closely alongside District Nurses, GP’s and others providing care, to ensure that we are able to meet patients' needs.

Our Community Team offer specialist support and advice, including emotional support to patients, their families and carers living with life limiting illnesses.

Our Community Team is made up of the following healthcare professionals:

 Specialist Palliative Care Doctors
Palliative Care Clinical Nurse Specialists and Senior Nurses
Specialist Physiotherapists
Specialist Occupational Therapists
Hospice at Home Support -  for patients thought to be in their last 4 weeks of life

As my husband’s carer, help came when I most needed it and gave me the strength to carry on for which I am truly grateful.

Our Community Team offer advice, support and care to patients with advanced, progressive and life-limiting illnesses, cancer and non-cancer, their carers and families.

The advice and support includes:

assessment of palliative care needs
symptom management
psychological, social and spiritual support
end of life and terminal care
information about other community services

The team offers practical support and nursing skills to patients at home, helping assist other health care professionals in controlling patient symptoms and supporting families.

After being troubled with symptoms for months the Clinical Nurse Specialist sorted them all out of her first visit. I feel so much better.

Palliative Care Clinical Nurse Specialists and Senior Nurses

Clinical Nurse Specialists are Registered Nurses with specialist knowledge and qualifications in cancer and palliative care. They provide advice on pain control, management of difficult symptoms and emotional support for patients. They also provide information about your illness and its management, as well as plan your future care.

This service operates Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.


John O'Meara was diagnosed with cancer of the lung and sternum and underwent both chemotherapy and radiotherapy to treat his condition

John's story

Therapy Team

This team consists of a Physiotherapist and Occupational Therapists. The Therapy team is based at the Hospice, however the team will offer community teams expert advice or carry out visits to your home if necessary.

The Physiotherapist will aim to help improve your range of movement and promote independence. A large part of the physiotherapists role is to provide non-pharmacological (non drug) management of specific symptoms i.e. fatigue, breathlessness, sweats or pain.

The Occupational Therapy Team will work with you and your family to help reduce the impact of your illness on your every day life through the provision of aids, adaptations and specialist equipment.

This service operates Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.


Hospice at Home Nursing Team

This team consists of Registered Nurses and Care Assistants who are experienced in end of life care. The team provide nursing care, symptom control and emotional support to facilitate care at home in conjunction with existing community services.


The aims of this service are:

To assist with end of life care for you should you choose to stay in your own home (including care homes or other long-term care facilities)

To support rapid discharge from hospice for patients who would prefer to be at home in the last days of life.

Crisis intervention to avoid inappropriate admission in the last days of life.

This service operates seven days a week.  Referrals are accepted between 9am and 5pm.

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