Emotional & spiritual care

Coping with a life limiting illness is a huge challenge for patients, friends and family, including children. The Patient and Family Liaison Worker is able to offer practical and emotional support including help with planning for your care following discharge from the Hospice.

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Providing an opportunity for you to talk in confidence to someone who is not directly involved in the situation and by sharing your worries and fears, you can feel less overwhelmed by them. It can also help you feel more in control even though there may be some things you cannot change.

The staff have been wonderful. They not only treated my dad but they have cared for him, genuinely cared

Families often find it difficult to know what to say to children. We can offer advice and support in the following ways:

One-to-one support
Family group work/telephone support
Activities to prepare them for a death in the family.

Spiritual Care

Whatever the reason for your visit to Cynthia Spencer Hospice, you may find that you have questions and uncertainties that you would like to explore, or thoughts and feelings that are hard to discuss with the people who are closest to you.

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Sometimes it’s easier to talk to someone who is not directly involved in your situation – and this is where the Chaplaincy Service may be able to help. Members of the team are trained to be careful and compassionate listeners, and offer confidential, non-judgemental support regardless of denomination, culture or ethnicity. The same support is offered both to patients and to any family members.

The service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and can accommodate any faith or religion. The service also provides bereavement support to relatives or carers even after a period had passed since their relative had died.


John O'Meara was diagnosed with cancer of the lung and sternum and underwent both chemotherapy and radiotherapy to treat his condition

John's story

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