3D hospice tour

Come with us on a 3D virtual tour of the hospice!

We work hard to ensure all our patients, their families and visitors feel at home in the hospice and to bust some of the myths about hospice care. It's important to us that patients know that the hospice is not just somewhere people come to die and that it's actually a place that helps people live every moment. With this in mind, we've put together this virtual tour, working with 3D model specialists Visual Realms to help patients, families and visitors learn the layout of the hospice and feel at home before they even visit!

Simply click 'play' below to open up the doll's house view of the hospice and grounds and use the directional arrows to take a journey around.

You can also watch our 360 degree videos of the Inpatient Unit and Wellbeing Centre by clicking the links below: