Fundraising Resources

From downloadable fundraising ideas packs and decorations, to collection buckets and t-shirts, we have plenty of resources to help you with your fundraising.

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Remember to let our  friendly Community Fundraising team know what you’re doing so they can offer you any help and support that you may need.  Contact or call 01604 973341

Fundraising Pack Open/Close

Request your FREE Community Fundraising Pack: 45th Birthday Edition, for some hints, tips and ideas for COVID safe fundraising:

Download our fundraising guide

Community Fundraising Guide2

Tea Party Pack Open/Close

Host the perfect fundraising tea party for our 45th Birthday with your free 45th Birthday fundraising pack.

Download your birthday tea party pack

Download a recipe idea for your party

Don't forget to decorate your party with our special 45th Birthday bunting and mini-bunting

Tea Party Leaflet2

Schools Fundraising Packs Open/Close

Our team is on hand to support your school however we can.  Whether you are looking to book a talk with Spencer Bunny and the Team, creating your own fundraiser or wanting some fundraising ideas, we would love to hear from you.  Contact our friendly Community Fundraising Team for the latest schools fundraising packs:

Upper Schools Fundraising

Decorate your Event Open/Close

Download your print at home bunting and mini bunting here.  Just cut out and add ribbon to make your celebrations beautiful:


Mini bunting

If you don't have print at home facilities, please contact our fundraising team who will be happy to lend you some they have already created:

Bunting Image


Fundraising Posters Open/Close

We can help you create the perfect poster for your fundraiser.  Just contact our friendly Community Fundraising team and let us know when, where and what you are doing, and we can help:

Proudly Supporting Text Donate

Social Media Posts Open/Close

Social media is the perfect way to spread the word about your event!  We can help to create some social media posts for you to use, just contact our friendly fundraising team and what you are doing so that we can help:

Proudly Supporting Social

Sponsor Forms Open/Close

Download our sponsorship form below:

Download your sponsorship forms here

Or why not consider setting up an online fundraising page to make it easy for your donors to sponsor you for your wonderful event.  There are many online fundraising pages that you can use; for example or set up a Facebook Fundraiser.

Sponsor Form



Spread The Word About My Event Open/Close

Spread the word about your wonderful fundraiser by contacting the local media by using our press release template to let the local press know all the details:

Download press release template

Not only do media articles spread the word about your amazing efforts, they also spread the word about our wonderful hospice and the work we do to help.  So inspire the county by shouting loud and proud!

Don't forget to shout about it on your own social media platforms too and with posters around your local area.

Collection Pots Open/Close

Introducing our brand new contactless collection boxes!

We're rolling out our brand new contactless collection boxes to all of our supporter businesses and they're so easy to use, plus super safe as you don't need to touch them at all as it's all done through your phone using QR code technology.

How to make a donation using any Android phone

Simply tap your unlocked phone on the QR code you'll see on the top of the collection box and it opens up our donation page where you can choose your donation amount and your payment method

How to make a donation on an iPhone X or newer model

You don't even need to have unlocked your phone, simply tap it on the QR code and our donation page will open where you can choose your donation amount and your payment method

How to make a donation on an older model iPhone

Open your phone's camera and hover over the QR code and the donation page will open where you can choose your donation amount and your payment method

Collection Boxes

We would love for you to introduce our collection boxes to your local shop.  Contact our friendly Community Fundraising Team for more information

QR Codes for Contactless Donations Open/Close

We now have QR codes for contactless donations!  

These can be added to posters advertising your event, or be displayed on the day.  Make donating quick and easy for all your supporters by contacting our friendly Community Fundraising Team now to request your unique QR code for your amazing fundraiser:

Contact or call 01604 973341

QR Code

Collection Buckets Open/Close

Increase donations at your live event by having a collection bucket or pot available to collect everyone's spare change.

All our collection boxes also have a contactless feature, so card payment donations can also be made.


Contact our Community Fundraising team to find out more:

If you are planning a fundraiser to help our hospice, we would love to hear from you.  Simply download and complete the Community Fundraising Agreement below and return it to our friendly community team by email on or by post to our offices in Moulton Park:

The Community Team
Cynthia Spencer Hospice Charity
Pondwood House
Pondwood Close
Moulton Park
Community Fundraising Agreement Open/Close

Remember to keep your event safe and legal whilst you're having fun at your fundraiser.  There are a few hints and tips below, and of course you can contact our team on the number below for more information.

Keep it Safe and legal Open/Close

Keep it Safe and Legal

It’s very simple to ensure your event is safe and legal. Look at the pointers below and complete a risk assessment. 

Risk Assessment 


If you are organising a raffle where you will be selling tickets only at the event and drawing the winner at the event you do not need a license. However, if you would like to sell tickets before the event you must obtain a small lotteries license from your local authority and get tickets printed with the licensing number and charity number on.  Please contact the local licensing department at Northampton council.


If you want to collect money on private property (pubs, shopping centres) you can do this as long as you have the owner’s permission. It is advisable to gain a permission letter from us for this. If you want to collect on any public land, you will need a collection permit for this. Please call the fundraising team to discuss this before approaching the council.

Licenses for events


Sale of alcohol

Extended opening hours

Selling of food and drink


Film screening

All of these activities will all need licenses gained from the local authority. Check with the venue as they may already have a license which will cover your event.


Cynthia Spencer Hospice Charity cannot accept liability for any fundraising activity or event you undertake for us. You should take out insurance which will cover your activity prior to your event taking place. Ensure your venue and all suppliers have their own insurance and ask for copies.  

Health and Safety Open/Close

Health and Safety

First Aid

Depending on the size of your event you may need a qualified first aider. Check with the local council for details.  


  • Lighting: is it adequate to make your event safe?
  • Toilets: does the venue have enough for people attending?
  • Disabled access: is the venue suitable for disabled people?
  • Parking: is there enough parking for all who will be attending on the day?
  • Capacity: each venue will have a legal maximum capacity which you cannot exceed.

Fire Safety

What are the fire precautions and are the fire exits marked and clear on the day of the event? 

Food and drink

If you know anyone who has a food hygiene certificate ask them to oversee all food preparation areas. If not, as a minimum ensure all areas are clean, tidy and food is stored adequately.

The local council will be able to give you further details and guidance should you require this. 


Any equipment used at your event needs to be in good working order and if necessary, operated by people competent to use it. Make sure you put equipment in a safe place and ensure all cables are secured so that they are not a trip hazard.

If you are having to lift heavy items, we can supply information on how to lift safely. Please ask the fundraising team. 


Keep money in a safe place at all times and consider where it will be stored after the event if you cannot get straight to the bank or to the hospice.

Children under the age of 16 are not legally able to collect money without an adult present. 

If you are unsure about any issues surrounding legal matters or health and safety, please do contact the Fundraising Team on 01604 973340 or email


Risk Assessment Form Open/Close

Use our Risk Assessment Form to help you make sure every element of your event safety has been considered.

Download our Risk Assessment Form


If you are having trouble downloading any of these forms or resources, please contact our team on 01604 973341