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Put the FUN into FUNdraising by using your hobbies, skills and talents to create the perfect fundraiser for our Hospice.

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Whether you are looking to go BIG or are wanting a smaller affair, our friendly Community Fundraising team is on hand to help.  Check out our fabulous ideas below or contact 01604 973341 or for a fundraising pack.

This year your support means more than ever before.  Any small amount that you can raise, adds up to a whole lot of difference:

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Ideas & Inspiration:

Quiz Master Open/Close

An old favourite, redesigned for the virtual world!  A quiz is a great way to raise funds and have fun with your friends and family.  Swapping a quiz to an online platform is easy, and we can help with questions packs if you don't have your own!

Get your family and friends together for a quiz-tastic time!  Contact our friendly Community Fundraising team for more information:

Host your own Virtual Quiz

Online Bingo Open/Close

Calling all bingo lovers!!  Don't let the pandemic stop you from your favourite hobby!  We have an online bingo pack so that you can still get your friends and family together (virtually) for some bingo fun! 

Contact our team now for your free online bingo pack:                         

 Host your own Bingo

Bake Off or Masterchef Open/Close

Challenge your friends to create the best bake or meal, all to raise funds for our hospice!  You could cook together virtually, or send pictures of your creation!  Prizes can go to the best (and worst) creations!

Or perhaps you can teach each other how to make your favourite recipes, cook all together virtually and rate the best looking creation!

However you structure your Bake Off or Masterchef competition, you are sure to have a great time and raise a lot of 'dough'!


Virtual Disco or Party Open/Close

Invite your friends for a virtual gathering!  Play some great tunes (or invite a DJ to play them for you), perhaps have a dance off or play some online games, and dance the night away with some great virtual company!

Charge people to attend or ask for donations on the night.  Perhaps invite one of our fantastic fundraisers along, to talk to your guests about how their donations are helping.

Although we can't yet be together as a large group, that doesn't mean we can't party together online!  All to raise funds for our wonderful hospice.



Tea Party Open/Close

Tea parties and bake sales are always a firm favourite when it comes to fundraising!  We have a fantastic Tea Party pack to help you create the perfect fundraiser in the current climate.

Tea Party Pack2

Download your tea party pack now

Masterclass Open/Close

Expert dancer, master baker, fantastic artist or just want to share your favourite skill?  Whatever you enjoy can be turned into a virtual or Rule of 6 masterclass to share your passion with your friends and family.

Charge for people to join, or ask for donations at the event, and have fun teaching your talent all in aid of our wonderful Hospice. 


Virtual Table Top Sale Open/Close

If you are a maker, baker and creator, or just looking to clear out your unwanted items, there are plenty of online marketplaces for you to sell your fabulous items to help our hospice.

For unwanted items in your home, you can sell these through eBay and have 100% of the donation come automatically to us.  Or contact our retail team to book an appointment to drop your items to our donation station on 01604 973349 or book one online by visiting our online shop.

If you're looking to sell items you have lovingly created for our hospice, you could join our online market, sell to your friends and neighbours or find other virtual ways to sell.

With events slowly starting to open up, keep an eye out for local markets that you could sell at.  

If you aren't keen on selling these yourself, our community team is happy to take donations for their own table top sales.

Virtual Market

Plant Sale or Open Garden Open/Close

If you have been growing in your allotment or garden all through the pandemic and have plants you would like to share, why not sell these from your doorstep to friends and neighbours or through an online marketplace.  Make sure you follow the guidelines of any marketplace and stay safe. 

Or perhaps you are just proud of your garden and would like to show it off to your friends and neighbours.  Combine an Open Garden with a 'Rule of 6' outdoor tea party, or get your neighbourhood involved in a larger Open Gardens event.

We are on hand to help with advice and resources.  Contact our friendly Community Fundraising Team fore more information.

Ninas Dad

Sponsored Haircut Open/Close

With lockdown locks growing fast, now is your perfect opportunity to use your much awaited haircut to support your local hospice.  Go for the full shave like Mavis Davis pictured, who raised over £3000!  Or just go as short as you are comfortable with!  The more you crop, the more people will want to sponsor you!  Perhaps you could raffle off the haircut, and let one of your sponsors create your new haircut!

Mavis Davis Head Shave

Set up a Facebook Fundraiser Open/Close

If you are on Facebook, setting up a fundraiser on this platform is an easy way to raise funds for our hospice.  Whether you are celebrating your birthday, trying to raise £450 for our 45th birthday, hosting a Facebook event or just wanting to celebrate our hospice; setting up a Facebook Fundraiser allows you to share your efforts with all your Facebook friends! 

FB Fundraisers

Start your Facebook Fundraising now

Gaming for Good Open/Close

If you love gaming, you can use your passion to raise funds for our fantastic hospice.  From gaming marathons to online sporting competitions, there are plenty of ways to get involved!  

Download our gaming guide

Gaming Guide

Download our Top 10 Tips for your gaming fundraiser

We have also created some social media badges to help you to advertise your efforts.  Contact our team to find out more:

Children's Reading Challenge Open/Close

If your child is an avid reader, or you just want to encourage their reading, we would love for you to get involved in our reading challenge!  Suitable for most ages, as you pick the level of the books and the challenge they take on:

Build a book tower:

How many books can you read?  Set a time limit, download our book tower poster and see how high you can go!  Get sponsored per book read and see how much you can raise!

Hold a Book-a-thon

Choose a day and pick a time limit, then see how many books you can read in that time.  Maybe get your family, friends or school involved and see how many books you can read as a group.

Complete Spencer's Book Bingo

21 different types of books to read over a time you set (the summer holidays would be perfect!) Can you complete Spencer's Book Bingo?  Download Spencer's Book Bingo with the books Spencer likes, or create your own 21 Books to read. Spencer can't wait to read with you.

Three Ways Poster


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