Donating Goods

By donating goods (gifts in kind) or services to our hospice, companies are able to contribute in a way that is entirely relevant to their business. Many companies also find it more cost-effective to offer this type of ‘in-kind’ support rather than make a cash donation. Gifts of this nature provide the hospice with invaluable equipment, technology and day-to-day goods that are necessary to run all our services, as well as goods for our shops and prizes for us to use in fundraising raffles or auctions.

 Haines don binVan lands guy

Recently, we have been donated a range of items including filing cabinets, whiteboards as well as a huge range of other office equipment. In addition to this, the donations we receive of clothes which are no longer wanted as well as books, games, toys and other items are of a constant support to us to stock our retail units shop. If your business can help in this way or would like a clothes donation bin (pictured) for your office please contact us on 01604 973348 or email

Some companies also offer their services free of charge to the hospices, for instance, local solicitors give their time during May to support our Make a Will month.