Do you want to increase your brand exposure while benefiting from a positive association with a well-trusted local charity. Cynthia Spencer Hospice runs a number of fundraising events throughout the year which generate a great deal of air time and press coverage with local media channels, producing a perfect sponsorship and marketing opportunity for any organisation. Also sponsor advertising may be treated as allowable business expenses when working out your profits for tax purposes.

Sponsor our events for 2019

Our fundraising events like the Cycle4Cynthia and our brand new Kapow event attract hundreds of people who want to join together to get active and raise money to support the Hospice. This makes our events the ideal showcase for your brand as they are promoted on our website, on social media, in local press throughout the registration period and in our post-event activities. We also have many opportunities to get your brand in front of our participants on the event day!

See our Cycle4Cynthia sponsorship packages


See our Kapow sponsorship packages

When making purchasing decisions, many of today's consumers have begun to take a much greater interest in the ethical and social practices of the companies behind the brands. Cause Related Marketing (CRM) allows companies to satisfy this rise in consumer expectations by aligning their marketing objectives with the social objectives of a charitable cause. CRM is one of the fastest growing ways for companies to form partnerships with charities, to the benefit of both parties.

Working with Cynthia Spencer Hospice on a CRM initiative could help provide you with a unique selling point for your product, leading to:

  • Increased sales
  • Improved customer loyalty
  • Increased perception of your company as a socially responsible brand

Whether you are launching a new product or would like to support us through sales of an existing product we can support you.

For more information and to chat through opportunities please contact Nina, our Corporate Partnerships Fundraiser on email at nina@cynthiaspencer.co.uk or by phone on 01604 973348.