Payroll Giving

Payroll giving is a very simple, easy and tax-free way of regularly donating to Cynthia Spencer Hospice. 

It benefits your organisation and the hospice. Payroll Giving donations allow your employees to “Pay less and Give More” as Payroll Giving donations are deducted before tax so each £1.00 your employees give will only cost them 80p, and if they are a higher rate tax payer 60p.

This means:-


A regular Payroll Giving donation of:- 

  • £5 a month could fund a 90-minute home visit by one of our specially trained Hospice at Home nursing assistants
  • £10 a month could fund our 24-hour advice line for two days
  • £30 a month could fund occupational therapy support to our patients for three days
  • £50 a month could fund a day’s care for a patient staying in our Inpatient Unit

What are the benefits to your organisation?

  • Your business will be seen to be more supportive and caring
  • Enhances staff morale – improving retention and recruitment
  • Improves your business’s charitable giving and social responsibility with minimal effort or cost to the employer
  • Enables you to measure the level of charitable giving that your company has helped achieve

How do we sign up?

If you are an employer: -

Step One Visit the Association of Payroll Giving Organisations' Charitable Giving information pages where you can read and download everything you need to know about Payroll Giving, from setting up and administering the scheme to promoting it within your organisation. These pages include a list of HMRC approved Payroll Giving Agencies. 

Step Two when your Payroll Giving scheme is set up invite your employees to sign up.

Step Three Each time your HR/ Accounts Department runs the payroll, deductions will be made and donations will be taken from your employees' pay before tax but after National Insurance deductions. Donations are sent to your Payroll Giving Agency who pass them onto Cynthia Spencer Hospice.

Step Four the donations made by your employees make a difference to our patients and families.

If you are an employee:-

Step One speak to your HR or Finance/Payroll department to see if your employer is set up to offer Payroll Giving.

Step Two If they are registered simply access the website of whichever payroll giving agency your employer is registered with, download a form and send a completed form to your payroll/ accounts department.

Step Three If they are not registered why not suggest they sign up?

Alternatively you could ask your employer to contact Nina, our Corporate Partnerships Fundraiser on email at or call 01604 973348.

Frequently Asked Questions