Sahara Desert Trek

31 October 2019 to 5 November 2019

Conquer the mighty sand dunes of the Sahara, witness the sun rising over the ever-changing dunes, it is a truly breathtaking sight. The weather will be hot and the trekking tough, but the rewards will be well worth tackling the might of the dunes.

Join us on this long-weekend trek for #teamcsh, you will experience the beauty of one of the most breathtaking and largest deserts in the world – The Sahara!

The challenge is to trek for four days through this ever-changing landscape and to climb to the top of the massive Chegaga Dunes, where we will witness the desert sun-rise. The days will be hot and the trekking will be tough, but the team from Global Adventure Challenges will help you conquer this mammoth desert!   Vista’s as far as the eye can see combined with the pleasure of having the volcanic Anti-Atlas Mountains as our backdrop – need we say more!

With traditional Berbers as your guides you’ll experience the delights of Morocco first hand, in addition to being mesmerised by the remoteness and solitude that the Sahara brings. If you want to take part in one of the most fantastic charity events but have limited time to take away from the UK, this most unique trek challenge is for you.

So join us as we conquer the Sahara! and follow in the footsteps of Kerry, who in the video below will tell you why you need to take this challenge and join #teamcsh

For full itinerary see the Trek brochure (bottom right)