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Three Amigos Still Firm Friends After 72 Fundraising Hours on the Road

3 Amigos


Steve McNair, Stephen Westley and Julian Morris have been pals for 37 years and even after being cooped up together in a 17 year old London taxi for 3 days on a journey that took in 3 countries say their friendship is as strong as ever! And what's more, their crazy challenge has raised over £2,000 for the Hospice!

The nattily dressed trio were taking part in The Real Rally - a road trip which sees teams travel 900 miles in vehicles of a value no higher than £1,000. As Steve relayed to us, the journey came with its challenges: "Although the taxi was fully fitted out with a zebra interior and multi-coloured LED lights, comfort was not its strong point and fumes getting into the cabin meant that we drove most of the way with the windows open. The heating didn't work for the first day followed by the opposite problem and us breaking down due to it overheating on the second, during an ill advised of route excursion to SPA which is right at the bottom of a steep valley. With the help of a friendly service station we managed to recover and continue on our way.

"Much to the amusement of our fellow competitors and most people we met on the way, we stuck with our costumes for the whole rally and won the "Best Dressed" award for the event."

There's no end to the variety of ways our supporters raise money to help us continue the amazing care we provide at the Hospice and we're constantly grateful. Thank you Three Amigos!