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Vintage Vehicle and Tractor Breakfast Gathering and Road Run

Tractor run blue tractor


Hollowell Steam Supporters Group are once again organising a Tractor Road Run on Sunday 25th June, starting from the Stag at Maidwell.

Full English Breakfast from 8.30am with the vehicles leaving at 10am for a c20-mile meander, stopping for a coffee break half way, before continuing on to the Link Club Muck Shifting Event (Vintage Earth Movers), at Avalanche Adventure Sibbertoft.

Arrival at Sibbertoft approximately between 1 and 1:30pm.

All vintage vehicles and motorcycles are welcome. Make sure your vehicle is road legal.

Breakfast and Run is £10 per person, Run only is £5 per person.

All profits from breakfast, and all other profits come to the Hospice.

If you are able to display a poster, please download one below.

Contact Dave Blencowe (below) for details.

Available Documents

tractor run 25th june 2017


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Contact Details

Dave Blencowe
07960 783883